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Updated: Aug 2, 2019

How many waterfalls are on the Sylvan property?

This is a question we are often asked and one that is hard to answer.  There are three main falls that visitors on our day tours enjoy.  The first is a classic single-drop fall between two huge rocks.  You can swim in the deep blue water and get right behind this cascade.  The second fall is the smallest of the three but has an excellent pool for swimming - large, deep, and bordered by sheer rock walls.  The third fall is our great natural masterpiece: towering more than 50 feet, the water divides into two huge cataracts, with numerous fine bridal veils in between.  

On an exploratory hike, we made a rather rapid descent (basically careened down a near-vertical slope) and found ourselves at an unknown fall. I thought this must be above the third cascade, but some more slipping and sliding led us to another four falls and one huge swimming hole.  In the future we plan to create a path to take hard-core hikers to these hidden gems.

Yet there are many more waterfalls throughout the property: tiny creeks winding through the forest and dropping into stone-lined gorges that split the steep slopes into rippling mountains.  On one of our boundaries we have a mid-sized, rocky stream that gives an intimate view of forest plants, dripping gullies and finally a series of pretty waterfalls and small swimming holes.  It is fitting that in this miniature version of our standout waterfalls we found the tiny nests of the rare White-tipped Sicklebill, a unique hummingbird.  

So, we still don't know exactly how many falls we have, but we invite you to come and explore with us.  You may find a new one! 

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